Knowing What You Want

I want to be a professional athlete.

OK, gain about 40 pounds of muscle and keep it on for the next 10 years through diet and exercise; be prepared to spend about half the year away from home; and even if you have a sprained ankle or a concussion or a really bad argument with your spouse–none of those are good enough reasons not to show up and perform.

So do you really want to be a pro athlete, or do you just want to be rich and admired?

I want to have stronger faith…

Stronger faith is like anything else worth having–it comes at a price. Would you give 10% of your gross income to a church even when the numbers don’t add up? Would you drop a habit cold-turkey tomorrow and replace it with prayer? Will you listen to the voice of conscience in your head when it prompts you to apologize, forgive, walk away, or pick up the phone even those none of those things seems to make sens? Do you really want to have stronger faith, or do you just want to be rich and admired?


One response to “Knowing What You Want

  1. nice pic, Seth.
    really wonderful questions. hope you’re doing well. (I’ve got my hands full with a newborn. literally-I’m typing one handed! ha!)
    hugs, anna

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