If They Didn’t Catch Osama Bin Laden

For the record, I believe that Bin Laden was caught and killed, so this isn’t about doubting the U.S. military or government.

I’m just saying, the last attempt to catch Osama was certainly not the first time they tried to get him. But we never heard about those unsuccessful attempts–not really anyway.

So, let’s say that the special forces guys arrived at the compound but Bin Laden happened to be away for the day or it was the wrong place. Or, what if it had been the right place, but the bad guys had been expecting us and half our guys had gotten killed and Osama had gotten away?

If they hadn’t caught him, the news would have been just like every other war headline that goes in one ear and out the other: “17 U.S. soldiers killed in firefight near porous Afghani-Pakistani border.” And even though the soldiers are equally brave in victory and defeat, you may or may not have heard about it and you almost certainly wouldn’t have cared–not really anyway.

But since we finally got to see this….

Instead of this….

Everyone on our side is happy. But what if they hadn’t caught him?


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