Top Ten Things I Love About Alaska

1.You get to fly in one of those planes with the float skis instead of wheels.


 2. With the extended daylight in the spring, cabbages the size of basketballs are common.

3. The distances from Alaska to Tokyo and Alaska and New York are about the same.

4. The flag is elegant.



5. The shoreline of Alaska, stretched out, could wrap all the way around the earth’s equator.

6. Alaska has vast reserves of gold, oil, and jade. There’s even an entire¬†mountain made of jade.

7. When the U.S. bought it from Russian for 7.2 million dollars in 1868, they paid with a check.

8. The longest River in the U.S. is the Yukon, not the Mississippi.

9. The aurora borealis.

I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. Just one of those things. Need to put that in a 5-year plan for real.


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