Are the Occupiers Tough Enough?

This Occupation has the makings of a real revolution. A lot of courage has already gone into this movement thus far in dozens of cities. But for some real “we shall overcome-type” of reforms, many millions of brave souls are going to have to be willing to die for this. Yes die. If the effort is sustained, they’ll have to occupy Wall Street through the Holidays. New York City gets several inches of snow at a time in the winter. I’m sure Zuccati Park is lovely in December, but I wouldn’t want to live there in a tent.

What can you do except root for the 99% to win?

What do we win when we win, anyway? I say for starters, everyone’s loans and credit card debt get wiped clean up to $100,000. That would be swell. In 15 years, plenty of people would work their way back into desperate conditions, but many of us would use a mulligan like that to get over the hump and supercharge our quest for the American Dream.

It’s a nice brainstorm, but in order for those types of revolutionary concessions to be granted, many people are going to have to freeze, get beat up by cops, be separated from family, and then they can get ready to endure the real hardships.


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