I Know, You Told Me So

Ok, so my main man Herman Cain dropped out ofthe race.You told me he had no chance of winning the nomination. You questioned my embrace of a conservative Republican candidate. I had hopes of seeing this man rise from poverty to business success to the 45th U.S. president. For a black conservative, he got closer than most, and opened doors for all of us in the future. Alas….



What can I say, running for president is serious business. Apparently, all’s fair.

2 thoughts on “I Know, You Told Me So

  1. You know? I think he opened a lot of doors. Also, I think he should have probably checked in his proverbial closet to make sure all his so-called skeletons would remain dead.

    So many otherwise-capable civil servants have been sunk by their sex lives, which used to be considered “private” and off-limits to the press. It speaks to an older time (way older, like our hunter-gatherer days, I mean) that wealth and power also meant access to women. (see also Solomon and his 1,000 wives.) I think this vestige, if you will, has sunk many, many people, and will continue to do so, until somewhere in our collective psyche, wealth and power does *not* mean access to women. it goes deep in our cultural DNA, if you will.

    in this article, the argument is stated in a bit more subtle way (not really) http://jezebel.com/5863842/why-short-skirts-magically-turn-women-into-bitches

    but the author says the following,
    “This “myth of male weakness” outsources men’s sexual self-control to women. For decades now, junk science has foisted the “caveman mystique” onto us, insisting that testosterone, Y chromosomes, and evolution trump the willpower and empathy of even the most well-intentioned dude. We’re hardwired to be promiscuous, hardwired to stare at nubile young women, and hardwired to cheat if given half a chance. Ignoring the reality that women have their own libidos (and their own demonstrable propensity to stray), the male myth advises women to accept men for the perpetual adolescents we are. So women need to control those whom the myth promises are within their power to influence: other women. Women learn to slut-shame and ostracize the miniskirt-wearers whom they see as sexual rivals; men get let off the proverbial hook.”

    that’s the other end of this problem… anyway. I just dropped my hubby off at work, and I need more coffee to flesh this idea out, btu those are my thoughts.

    hugs, condolences.

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