10 Reasons Our Church Gave Away $350 in Gas Money

Not our store, but you get the idea.

1. We want people to know that Jesus loves them and is very powerful in the world.

2. The Church is constantly asking people to give, so the church should be first in giving.

3. Right or wrong, I felt like some people were trying to tell me we couldn’t do it, and that pushed me to do it. Thank God for them truly!

4. It’s an excuse to make people smile, and smile they did. For some, getting just an unexpected $5 was too good to be true and they outright refused it!

5. The 60+ people we touched will all share our flyer and story with at least one person, and probably many.

6. Shameless self promotion the week before Easter to get new people to visit our church. Evangelism, marketing, sales, and advertising all overlap the spiritual path in a profound way.

7. The 11,000 people living within a square mile of our church have never seen anything like this. Who knows who may stop through or what the outcome might be.

8. People love it and it makes everyone feel good.

9. It is a great way to live out the Golden Rule.

10. There’s a first time for everything and we had to start somewhere. Maybe we’ll give away more soon.

11. Gas prices are a national concern right now. Tangibly easing the pain for people is the Christian thing to do.