Why I Can’t Accept Compliments

There are times when I hear a preacher preach, a musician perform, or a comedian stand up. To be completely honest, they did a good job. Not great, not incredibly inspiring to me personally, but good. When I shake their hand afterwards, I lie and tell them what a wonderful job they did and how moved I was by their efforts, and how I’m going to tell all my friends to watch their You Tube….

I try not to do it, but chalk it up to me just being too nice.

The thing is, if I do that to other people, someone is invariably doing the same to me.

“Really powerful sermon, pastor. I felt like the Spirit was talking directly to me.”

Call it vain, but that’s nice to hear. Also important to remember that there will always be people who are exaggerating the compliments for whatever reason. Compliments are the best, but they’re not meant to be taken literally.

I’m eternally grateful for the impact I make and the support I receive. But it’s important not to let the compliments inflate you too much.

The criticisms shouldn’t deflate you too much, either.

3 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Accept Compliments

  1. I’m surprised that you “embellish the truth” when you shake someone’s hand. that doesn’t sound like the Seth I know. also, with sermons, you have to thank the holy spirit – because that’s who does the hard work of translating what you said into what people heard. and if they heard something they really needed to hear – that’s probably the holy spirit’s doing, not yours!

    I also am of the opinion that you can’t accept a compliment until you believe it about yourself. (e.g. for years, people told me I was pretty, but I didn’t believe them.) ruminate on that!

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